AVAI Token Crowdsale FAQ

Why is Avaí FC having a token crowdsale?

Avaí FC is having a token crowdsale in order to overcome the financial differences between teams in Series B and when compared to other financially stronger teams in Série A. Avaí FC is running a crowdsale campaign and is issuing the AVAI Token in exchange for the support in the endeavour to be promoted to Série A and to become a financially stable and permanent member of Campeonato Brasileiro Série A with the goal to enter the Copa Libertadores.

How much funds do you expect to raise?

Our goal is to raise 20.46 million US dollars, with a minimum cap of 8 million US dollars. A maximum of 20,460,000,000 AVAI Tokens (93%) valued at $1 USD will be available for purchase in the Crowdsale. A maximum of 1,540,000 AVAI Tokens (7%) will be retained by Avaí FC.

When are you having the Avaí FC token crowdsale?

The token crowdsale will start on October 3 and will last for a month - or till our goal is reached, whichever comes first.

How will the funds raised be invested?

Resources will invested as following:

  • 50% infrastructure upgrade (upgrades of current infrastructure and a new training center)
  • 25%: investment in campus/academy
  • 25%: financial stability of the club

What happens if you don’t reach your goal?

If we will receive less than $8 million in contributions, the funds will be returned to contributors at the end of the token crowdsale.

What happens if you acquire more than $8 million, but not the goal of $20 million?

Unsold AVAI Tokens will be burned - meaning they won’t be available to the club. Only tokens actually bought by contributors will be available after the end of the ICO, with a small amount (approx. 7%) available to the club for promotions and bonuses.

What means of payment will be accepted for the purchase of the AVAI Token?

You can use the following payment methods for your conbtributions: credit card, Bitcoins and Ether (Ethereum).

Will there be a bonus for crowdsale investors?

There will be a 10% bonus for all investments made within 72 hours from the start of AVAI Token sales.

How can I track the amount collected in the token crowdsale?

Through the website www.avaifc.io, after the start of sales, on October 3, 2018, everyone interested will be able to monitor the amount of funds collected in real time.

What is an AVAI Token and how does it work?

The AVAI Token is a utility token, which works in the same way as a discount coupon or voucher with a predefined initial value and which, if all the execution phases described in the Whitepaper are carried out, leading to the success of the project, can be valued and freely negotiated by its possessor with other interested parties, creating a market.

What technology will the AVAI Token use?

AVAI Token is a fully ERC20 compliant utility token of value, meaning it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 is the most used standard for issuing and running cryptocurrency tokens, and is the most widely supported and mature technology for setting up a token crowdsale.

Where will I be able to use the AVAI Token?

We will prepare an online ecosystem for earning and spending the AVAI Token: in the beginning token holders will be able to purchase merchandise, tickets and unique experiences with the token. In the future we plan to upgrade this.

The token will also be listed at several cryptocurrency exchanges, for those who prefer to use the token for trading.

What kind of a market be created for the use AVAI Token?

An exclusive market will be created for the holders of AVAI Tokens, based on blockchain technology that will be divided into three main pillars:

  • AVAI Token Store;
  • AVAI Token Tickets;
  • AVAI Token Special Experience (additional segments can be added later).

ON this market, to be released in the coming weeks, the owner of AVAI Tokens will be able to acquire exclusive products and experiences related to Avaí Futebool Clube. To do so, a "marketplace" will be created, which will list what products and experiences the club will provide, as well as the values ​​and rules of use.

Will Avaí FC share club profits through the AVAI Token?

The AVAI Token will not give its holders the right to participate in the management of Avaí Futebol Clube (of any type or nature), will not represent a participation in Avaí Futebol Clube (of any type or nature) and will not give its holders any right (of any kind or nature) to the financial results generated by Avaí Futebol Clube.

Is the purchase of the AVAI Token a risky investment?

As any new financial mechanism cryptocurrencies carry a risk of losing value - especially when checking the price of the tokens at exchanges. However, for those who wish to use the AVAI Token with the club, not just use it to trade on exchanges, we will always provide a valuable experience or service for token holders wishing to participate.

Shouldn’t a football club focus on sports instead?

We are - and in order to be successful, we are looking for novel ways of supporting our goals and vision. We have therefore partnered with SportyCo and Blackbridge Sports to support us with their expert knowledge, enabling us to focus on what we do best - football.

How much Avaí will spend on the project?

Avaí will carry no costs of the project. The token crowdsale is supported through partnerships with other companies involved in the project, whose rewards depend on the success of the ICO.

Is a token crowdsale legal for a football club?

We have checked the process with the financial authority and several legal experts, and received assurances by all that while this industry is currently unregulated, we are within the existing regulatory framework. But we will also set new legal standards and precedents with this crowdsale.

I have no interest in the products and experiences that the club will offer. If so, what are the advantages of purchasing the AVAI Token?

When you acquire AVAI Tokens, you become part of an innovative, disruptive technology. You also become a holder of a financial asset, which you’ll be able to freely trade at major cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, the holder of AVAI Token may obtain appreciation of its assets, or keep it on its property as a reserve.

There is a worldwide trend of using crypto coins in sports. Avaí FC will be the first soccer club in the world to carry out an ICO. We believe this pioneerism may, depending on market condition, support the future value of AVAI Tokens.

Where can I find more the information about ICO?

The company that seeks to raise financial resources in an ICO usually draws up a business plan, known as "Whitepaper", where the public interested in the project can see the use of blockchain technology, the amount of tokens that will be publicly issued and the token distribution, the resource utilization plan, the project execution schedule, and the team of experts involved in its execution.

What is a blockchain?

At a very high level, the blockchain is a decentralized ledger, or list, of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network. This list is a public database, available to everyone, and it’s integrity is ensured by complex mathematical algorithms, which ensures that the ledger is trustworthy without having to rely on a central authority (like a bank, for example). The blockchain technology provides the solution to the problem: if I have a digital currency, how do I ensure I can spend it only once, not many times.

Is blockchain technology a new concept, or has this been around for years and is just now making a buzz?

For the first time, a construction as blockchain appeared in Bitcoin; the first description of Bitcoin is dated on October 2008. Thus, the construction is not new, but compared to some other technologies we use daily it’s still in its “youth” phase.

What’s the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain is the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the name of the best-known cryptocurrency, the one for which blockchain technology was invented.

What’s the advantage of cryptocurrencies compared to traditional financial (and other) transactions?

For consumers, cryptocurrencies in general offer cheaper and faster peer-to-peer payment options than those offered by traditional financial services businesses, without the need to provide personal details.

What’s the disadvantage of cryptocurrencies?

As the blockchain technology and the products built on it are new, the rules of using it are still being defined. Therefore cryptocurrencies are more volatile and more prone to speculative investments and other speculative mechanisms making them a higher risk financial vehicle.

What is the Ethereum blockchain you plan to use?

The Ethereum blockchain is one of the blockchains available. Compared to the first (bitcoin blockchain) it enables the development of “smart contract” on top of it, which uses the underlying technology.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is the programming code that creates the rules of how transactions of a certain property (like a token) are being processed on the blockchain.

What is an ICO?

ICO is short for “Initial Coin Offering”. It’s a crowdsale during which organizers are selling cryptocurrency tokens (or coins - the terms are used interchangeably) in order to raise funds for a project.

How does a token crowdsale / ICO work?

Blockchain projects release their cryptocurrency to the general public via a crowdsale event. People who wish to use or donate to support a new crypto token participate in the crowdfund by sending funds to the project’s address. The tokens are created with a smart contract. At the end of the crowdfund period, each participant receives tokens corresponding to how much funds they donated. Contributors can participate with regular currencies or with cryptocurrencies - it depends on the rules set up when announcing the ICO.

What is a soft cap and hard cap?

A soft cap is the minimum amount of funds the crowdsale organizer wants to raise in the crowdsale. If the contributions don’t reach the soft cap during a predefined time period, the crowdsale is unsuccessful and the funds are returned to the contributor. Hard cap is the maximum amount that can be raised. A project can be set up without a soft cap (no minimum limit) or hard cap (no upper limit of funds raised), but as a general rule most token crowdsales have them, as relevant caps show that a project has a financial calculation behind it.


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